A list of pages in this wiki.

The pages in this wiki will be arranged into groups:

  • The Menu Pages, where things are and what they do like a user manual.

Menu Pages Edit

Your Star - Your avatar's profile page, with skill points, inventory, your style.

Missions - Map overview and locations for missions, conventions and parties.

Shop - Buy and sell items, inventory, sewing machine, washing machine, refinements and Wanda's secret shop.

Duels - Player versus player fights.

Work - Earn extra notes.

Boosters - Buy boosters for missions, skills or work. Hunting instinct also available.

Film Shoot - Make films for rewards and the Big Bang Awards.

Your Studio - Work together with other stars (like a guild).

Ranking List - Ranking for stars, studios, Big Bang Awards and Temple competition.

Your Successes - Your achievements and statistics.

Settings - Settings available for the game.

Playing Guide Edit

Casino - How the casino works.

Conventions - How conventions work.

Parties - How parties work.

DickStarter - How DickStarter works.

Refinements - How refinements work.

Studios - What is available for studios.

Lists Edit

Achievements - The achievements available.

Collections - The collections available.

Locations - The locations available in the game.

Temple Challenges - The collections available.

Other Pages Edit

Starting - Getting started in the game.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions in the forums.

Glossary - Terms and phrases used in the game and forums.

Sources - References for the hints and tips used in this wiki.